Samsung Pay

Pay Anywhere with Samsung Pay

The easier, faster and secure way to pay

Samsung Pay is a convenient and simple way to make mobile payments with selected Samsung Galaxy phones. It works at virtually any retailer where you can tap, swipe or scan your card. Whether it’s a Galaxy phone or Galaxy Gear, it’s super simple to get Samsung Pay working on your device.

Enjoy all the benefits of your Dubai First Card using Samsung Pay

  • Easy
  • Secure
  • Loyalty and rewards
User Guide  Make your payments quick, secure and contactless in four easy steps
Step 01  Swipe up to open the Samsung Pay App
Step 02  Select your card
Step 03  Verify using your fingerprint or selected PIN
Step 04  Hold your phone over the Near Field Communication (NFC) contactless reader or the Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) card reader

Please note the process of registration involves standard verification of the card details you have entered, which may result in numerous validation transactions with merchant name as ‘Mastercard’ or ‘Google Temporary Hold’ that you will notice on your Dubai First app and as push notifications.

FAQs (Samsung Pay)
Download the PDF to get a list of full FAQs in different categories

FAB Digital Wallet Terms and Conditions
Important Information regarding payments, registration, etc...

Dubai First cashback card and Low Rate cards are enabled for digital wallets.