Schedule of Charges


Payment due date 26 days from statement date
Minimum payment due 5% or AED 100 whichever is higher as mentioned in the statement of account.
Cash Advance 80% of the credit limit


Credit Card Fees  
Annual Membership fee First Year Renewal
Skyy Miles Exclusive Visa Infinite Card AED 1,500 AED 1,500
Skyy Miles Visa Platinum Card Free AED 750
Skyy Miles Titanium Card Free AED 400
Platinum Life Card Free AED 550
Platinum Rewards Card Free AED 550
Silver Visa Card N.A. AED 200
Gold Visa Card N.A. AED 400
Classic MasterCard N.A. AED 200
Gold MasterCard N.A. AED 400
Emirati Card Free AED 750
Titanium Life Card AED 400 AED 400
Supplementary Card NIL NIL
Other Credit Card Fees  
Card Replacement Fee AED 50
Over Limit Fee AED 199
Late Payment Fee AED 199
Cash Advance Fee (Includes Transactions at Exchange houses) 3% of cash advance amount or AED 100 whichever is higher
Liability Letter Fee AED 100
No Liability Letter Fee AED 100

Cheque Photocopy

Less Than One Year Old

Over One Year Old


AED 10

AED 20

Reference Letter AED 50
Sales Draft Copy AED 25

Duplicate Statement Fee





AED 25/ statement

Dial-a-Cheque 2.5% of cheque amount or AED 25 whichever is higher
Credit Shield Up to 0.95% on the outstanding amount
Accidental Insurance 0.25% on the outstanding amount or AED 30, whichever is higher
Price Protect AED 10 per month
Cheque Issuance Fee AED 20
Cheque Reissuance Fee AED 20
Returned Cheque Fee AED 100
Stop Cheque Payment AED 50
Transaction Dispute Charges AED 25
Courier Fees* AED 20
Processing Fee For Non-AED Transactions Up to 3.9%

Personal Loan Fees

Personal Loan Processing Fee 1% (Min. AED 500 and Max. AED 2,500)
Personal loan Interest Rate (Reducing Balance) 19.99% - 25.99%
Insurance 1.50%
Early Settlement (Own Funds) 1% (Min. AED 500 and Max. AED 2,500)
Early Settlement (Buyout) 1% (Min. AED 500 and Max. AED 2,500)
Partial Payment 1% of the partial payment amount
Loan Top-up 1% (Min. AED 500 and Max. AED 2,500)
Late Payment Interest 2% (Min. AED 50 and Max. AED 200)
Loan Cancellation Fee AED 100
Loan Re-scheduling Fee AED 250
Liability Letter Fee AED 100
Returned Cheque Fee AED 100
Loan Deferment Fee AED 100
*Courier Fees will be levied subject to customer's explicit request for documents to be couriered to him/her. Wherever the standard service suggests, documents will either be collected from the branch or posted through regular mail.

Special Payment Plans

Flat monthly interest rate
Tenure(months) 3 6 9 12 18 24 36
Loan on phone/    Insta Cash 1.20% 1.20% 1.20% 1.20% 1.20% 1.20% 1.20%
Easy purchase plan 0.99% 0.99% 0.99% 0.99% 0.99% 0.99% 0.99%
Balance transfer 0.69% 0.69% 0.69% 0.69% 0.69% 0.69% 0.69%
Early settlement fee AED 100 (plus applicable interest charges)
Processing Fee 1% or AED 100 whichever is higher

Finance Charges

Monthly finance charge  Variable between 3.19% - 3.39%

For the first three months, finance charges on your outstanding revolving balance will be 2.89% per month respectively.

Every three months, we will review your payment history and determine your monthly finance charge for the next 3 months based on the table shown below

Average payment over past 3 months as a % of your total payment due  Monthly finance charge for the next 3 months
greater than 40% 3.19%
5% to 40% 3.29%

Monthly finance charge may increase to 3.39% due to any of the following reasons :

  • We do not receive at least the minimum payment by the payment due date
  • You exceed your credit limit
  • You make a payment to us that is not honoured by your bank

Terms and Conditions

Use of Dubai First credit cards will be governed by credit card terms and conditions.For more information please call us on (04 506 8888). All charges are subject to change from time to time at the sole discretion of Dubai First.This schedule of charges is applicable only to the products listed above and does not include all Dubai First credit cards.The above charges apply from 10 February 2014.

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