Key Management Team

In Dubai First, leadership not only involves influencing and guiding the employees to deliver and contribute towards the organisational objectives, but also embrace a role that involves developing all aspects of oneself: the character, the competence, the actions and experience sharing. These aspects form the Be-Know-Do-Share (BKDS) model. Under the ‘Be’ part, the leader lives the Dubai First Corporate values. ‘Know’ focuses on competence. It encompasses all skills leaders must know and develop. The ‘Do’ part involves three distinct areas – Influencing, operating and improving. The ‘Share’ part of the BKDS model emphasises the need of spreading and mentoring leadership across the organization. 

Name Designation
Amit Talgeri Chief Executive Officer
Nizar Qaiser Luqman Head – Internal Audit
Yousef Nabil Head – Royale
Arvind Datta Head – Credit & Collection
Saji Dominic Head – Operations
Mohammad AlMarzooqi Head – HR and Government Relations
Bhajandeep Makkar Head – Business Finance (SME)
Sivakumar Venkatraman Head – IT
Nilesh Sarker Head – Risk Management Unit
Rajesh Menon Head - Collection & Recovery
Madeha Al. Hawai Head - Contact Center and Customer Service