Corporate Social Responsibility

Little Steps for Safety

The Dubai First’s Little Steps for Safety programme has been recognised as the Best CSR Initiative, UAE at the International Finance Magazine Awards 2015.

Launched in April 2008, ‘Little Steps for Safety’ is Dubai First’s corporate social responsibility program. Little Steps for Safety aims to raise awareness about child road safety in the UAE and educate students, parents and teachers on road safety rules through workshops and direct interaction. The program is run with the cooperation of the Dubai Police













Why road safety education?

Traffic accidents are the leading cause of infant mortality in the UAE and account for 63 per cent of all child deaths, according to Dubai Health Authority (DHA). According to Health Authority-Abu Dhabi (HAAD) Road traffic accidents account for 15 per cent of all deaths and are the leading cause of death among young males. It is estimated that use of child safety seats can reduce the risk of infant deaths by 71 per cent.

The program is run with the endorsement of the Dubai Police, RTA, KHDA and other partners.

Sami’s story

When Sami was younger, his parents had taught him about buckling up, and the importance of it. One day, he and his family were in an accident. A bad man had ignored all the rules and crashed into them. Luckily he was buckled up, as were his parents. His little sister was strapped into her booster seat.

From that day he told all his friends about the importance of buckling up. Later as he grew older, he decided to start his own Scout Group.

Sami is the leader and the most active scout in the Little Steps Scouts.

He is the expert on road safety and all the other scouts always go to him for advice and how to stay safe.

He has a badge for all the things he knows: Crossing the road, safety when biking and most importantly, BUCKLING UP.

He loves helping his friends get their badges, and his backpack is full of gadgets and tools to help him teach the rules.


Social Health Initiative

Dubai First believes in adopting a humanistic corporate philosophy that is concerned with the well-being of the community. To demonstrate this, we work with carefully selected partners in an effort to promote a concept of healthy living and positive approach to physical well-being.

Driven by the motive to generate a real impact on women and families across the UAE, Dubai First sponsored as a key partner the Cervical Cancer Awareness campaign ‘Smear Don’t Fear’ launched by Zulekha Hospital in May 2015.

The prime objective behind this initiative was to increase awareness about the risks of cervical cancer among women, which is the second most common cancer in women in the UAE and it’s almost 100 per cent preventable if detected early.

Awareness campaigns play a vital role in educating women about the success rate of early detection of cancer. Nearly 70 per cent of Cervical Cancer is caused by the HPV virus, which is most common in women under the age of 25 year. This is particularly important as the UAE has very young population - about 33% of the population is estimated to be below the age of 24 (Index Mundi).

Campaign Awareness was spread through Press Meet, Print, Radio and Social Media and through awareness sessions in various corporate, schools and government offices.

Furthermore, the campaign offered free consultation by the gynecologist, free pap smear tests, and vaccines at cost price at Zulekha Hospitals in Sharjah and Dubai. Over 475 women availed the free consultation and Pap smear tests.

Other Initiatives

Dubai First has also regularly participated in other environmental and charitable events to raise awareness and funds to include:

  • World Earth Day

  • World Autism Day

  • Blood Donations

  • Iftar Camps

  • Marathons