Board of Directors

In Dubai First we follow a strong Corporate governance framework of rules, processes, policies and practices. Implementation and maintenance of good corporate governance facilitates robust decision-making and improves Strategy, Performance, Compliance and Accountability, and is characterized by ongoing monitoring and assessment. Effective corporate governance provides the organizations structure and hierarchy that helps the Board of Directors to achieve its objectives and desired outcomes and fulfill its obligations through sound: 

  • Strategic and business planning;
  • Risk Management;
  • Financial Management and Reporting;
  • Human Resource Planning and Control; and
  • Compliance and Accountability Systems

Effective governance also helps provide a framework for establishing responsibility to the people served by Dubai First i.e., its members, clients and other stakeholders and aligns the interests of these various stakeholders in the same direction to bring more transparency towards the functioning of Dubai First.

Name Designation
Ms. Sara Al Binali Chairperson
Mr. Karim Karoui Vice Chairman
Mr. Abhijit Choudhury Board Member
Dr. AbdulKarim Al Zarooni Board Member
Mr. Jasim Al Ali Board Member