3 April, 2013

Dubai First to Launch Annual UAE National Day Pentathlon

Consumer Finance Firm Honours the Federation’s 40th Anniversary with Inaugural Sports Event Based on Emirati Heritage

Dubai First, one of the leading consumer finance firms in the United Arab Emirates has commenced preparations for its inaugural ‘Emirati Endurance Pentathlon’, paying tribute to 40 years of the unity of the seven Emirates and their founding fathers.

Designed entirely based on the Emirati culture and heritage, the five stage endurance event will proudly depict the typical lifestyle of Emiratis across the seven emirates reminiscent of the pre-oil era.

This first of its kind pentathlon, will invite participation of seven teams from the seven Emirates, to promote a healthy sportsman spirit to commemorate the 40th National Day of the UAE. The five traditional sports are: An Emirati wooden boat race, pearl diving, horse racing, fast palm tree climbing and archery. The pentathlon is set to take place at the Jebel Ali touristic area during the second half of November 2011, whereby Emirati hospitality will be extended to the UAE’s expatriate community through inviting participation at the pentathlon and family day activities. From traditional games and attractions for the children, to authentic Emirati food offered to guests, Dubai First aims to create a day to be remembered for all. Children will also have the opportunity to spend time with Dubai First’s popular corporate social responsibility mascot, ‘Sami’ the Safety and Responsibility Scout.

Ibrahim Al Ansari, the Chief Executive Officer of Dubai First said, “1971 was the year when our founding fathers came together to create this truly unique nation. To honour our federation’s 40 years of existence, Dubai First is very pleased to unveil a new sporting concept where we combine our rich culture and heritage with athletics.”

The day will also see the appearance of many Emirati sports personalities, current and retired legends, who would also take part in the competition. Dubai First will be announcing more details on the planned event, including the application and screening process for contestants through updates on our website and Face Book page.

The Dubai First Emirati Endurance Pentathlon is envisaged to become an annual event, one which all the Emiratis would be proud to share with the UAE’s expatriate community.